Here you can download a number of MP3s. The bagpipes used in these recordings have been built by Frans Hattink.

Touw (fragment)
(M.grotens / D.Dijkman)
Performed by: Dubius / Marcel Grotens; bagpipe G-c.

PP-Hammer (T. Hattink)
Performed by: Frans Hattink; bagpipe D-g / Cor Westbroek; hurdy-gurdy.

Woman in arms
Performed by: Reincarnatus
Strength: Bagpipe in G, 2 chanters, nyckelharpa, e-guitar, bass guitar, v-drums, synthesizer, vocals.

Valse a petit pas - Bernard Vanderheijden
Performed by: Wendie Hoeve

Wals in 11en
Performed by: Chardon,
Strength: Marion Jorissen (accordions, violin and vocals), Gertjan Jorissen (hurdy-gurdy and bagpipe), Martijn Dekker (hurdy-gurdy), Jonneke Jorissen (bagpipes and vocals), Erik (cello), Bram Jorissen (percussion, bass guitar, guitar, didgeridoo)

Bourre à le tron
Performed by: Met zak en as

Valse Berichonne
Performed by: Nico Beltman