For novice players it's become much easier to take lessons and workshops. About 20 years ago there were only a few possibilities and they could only be realized by much endurance, travelling and good contacts with players nationally and internationally. The Dutch Hurdy-Gurdy and Bagpipe Society has an important task in making these instruments accessible by means of a weekend twice a year for novice and advanced players. There are also continuous year courses in Zeist. At the moment a national network of teachers and teaching possibilities is under construction.

Besides making bagpipes I have been teaching for years for this association; I am also a bagpipe teacher in the North of Holland. It is possible to receive private tutoring in my studio and I provide private and group tutoring in Groningen, at the Leek school of music. Please call or email me for information (see contact)

More tutoring possibilities in the Netherlands at: Others:

There are also more and more bagpipe players in the Netherlands, who want to help novices in their studies. For email and contact information of these teachers: send an email