Archives Herman Willemsen

Herman Willemsen was a fellow teacher at the Dutch Hurdy-Gurdy and Bagpipe Society. He played the bagpipe and other "ancient" musical instruments with great passion. His passion: making polyphonic music and composing.

When he passed away a few years ago, he left a great deal of music behind. Folders and books filled with bagpipe music, which he edited himself for a large part and also composed himself. He handed me this archive, before he passed away, with the message: Put it to good use!

Every week a different tune of Herman can be found under this button. Randomly chosen. Into the big wide virtual world, so his music will travel all over the world!


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Mazurcalin midi

Ganivelle midi

San titre 2 midi

Wals la Ciaca Rusallard midi

Scottish de Brouillard midi

The willow tree midi

En passant la riviere midi

Beukenbos midi

La Soufflette midi

Dejeuner sur l'herbe midi

Scottisch limousin midi

Wals voor mijn schoonlief midi

Bourree de la Chapelotte midi

Ach Belinde midi

Une oie, deux oies midi

Venosc midi

Scottishe midi

Polka de jeune Loire midi

Ick gingh op eenen morgen (bewerking door Herman) midi

Ick seg adieu (bewerking door Herman) midi

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